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Dr Ashish Jani

Professor Computer Applications... View Profile

Dr Sandeep Vasant

Professor Professor and Registrar... View Profile

Dr Payal Desai

Associate Professor G Dr.Payal Desai... View Profile

Dr Amarish Badgujar

Associate Professor I am Dr. Amarish Badgujar, I have done Ph.D. in Me... View Profile

Dr Pallavi Ghalsasi

Associate Professor Novel Materials, Minerals, Geophysics, Raman Spect... View Profile

Mr Vaibhav Gandhi

Assistant Professor Computer Science Interdisciplinary SCI... View Profile

Mr Adil Khan

Assistant Professor Robotics, Automation, Composites, Biocomposites... View Profile

Mrs Cecil Johny

Assistant Professor Machine Learning... View Profile

Mr Dhaval Mehta

Assistant Professor Neuromarketing, Computer Vision... View Profile

Mrs Dipali Pandya

Assistant Professor Advance welding processes and manufacturing techno... View Profile

Mr Gauravkumarsingh Gaharwar

Assistant Professor Machine Learning, Data mining... View Profile

Mrs Harsha Bodas

Assistant Professor High Voltage Engineering, Power System, Protection... View Profile

Mrs Hetal Desai

Assistant Professor Renewable energy sources, grid connected inverter ... View Profile

Dr Hiral Parikh

Assistant Professor Fiber Reinforced Composite Materials, Bio Composi... View Profile

Dr Jaideepsinh Raulji

Assistant Professor Natural Language Processing... View Profile

Mr Ketankumar Bhavsar

Assistant Professor Power Electronics and Industrial Drives... View Profile

Dr Lipika Mazumdar

Assistant Professor Algebraic Graph Theory, Spline Theory... View Profile

Mrs Monika Shah

Assistant Professor Environmental Engineering, Industrial Effluent,Was... View Profile

Dr Nirav Patel

Assistant Professor Structural Engg, performance based design, Analysi... View Profile

Mrs Pallavi Hire

Assistant Professor Data mining, Classification... View Profile

Dr Prakruti Shah

Assistant Professor Renewable energy sources, Microgrid, Electrical Po... View Profile

Dr Saloni Pandya

Assistant Professor Soil Mechanics,Geotechnical Engineering... View Profile

Mr Shardav Bhatt

Assistant Professor Speech recognition, Signal Processing, Artificial ... View Profile

Dr Shweta Dour

Assistant Professor Signal Processing, Communication Networks and Info... View Profile

Mr Tejaskumar Patel

Assistant Professor Computer Science... View Profile

Dr Umme Salma Pirzada

Assistant Professor Nonlinear Fuzzy Optimization, Fuzzy Differential E... View Profile

Mrs Vaibhavi Patel

Assistant Professor Machine Learning, Data mining... View Profile

Dr Viren Parikh

Assistant Professor Metal Matrix Composites, Aluminium Matrix Composit... View Profile

Dr Vishwanath Zunjar

Assistant Professor Phytochemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Organic CHem... View Profile

Dr Sheetal Shende

Assistant Professor Mathematical Modelling, differential equations... View Profile

Mr Yogesh Chaudhari

Assistant Professor Artificial Neural Network... View Profile

Mr Rahul Shah

Assistant Professor Mr.Rahul Shah... View Profile

Mr Ravi Sevak

Assistant Professor Mr.Ravi Sevak... View Profile

Ms Vaidehi Jain

Assistant Professor Ms.Vaidehi Jain... View Profile